Moss in a pot - what do you need to know?

Moss in a pot - what do you need to know?

Recently, pots with moss has become a very popular decoration in our homes. Moss advocates only mention its advantages. In this article, you will learn what myths have arisen around it and how to care for it so that it remains beautiful for many years.

Moss and dust

When operating in the industry, I often come across articles or posts on social media from other green decoration makers. They all mention one feature of moss with which I absolutely disagree. It is about the myth that moss is antistatic, i.e. it does not attract dust. Such an assurance sounds fantastic, of course, but has little to do with the truth. In my house I have many home-made decorations made of various types of moss and stabilized plants. When writing about various types of moss, I use a mental shortcut - because I also include reindeer moss in the category of moss, which is basically a lichen, but in the language it is commonly referred to as moss. Coming back to the point, I have already tested many different genres and compositions. I had a large, over 4-meter-long decorative panel in my living room, which I made from a combination of flat moss, pillow moss, reindeer moss and stabilized ferns. After a few months, looking closely, the first cobwebs of dust on the top of the panel were visible. Dust has also accumulated on all fern leaves. This state of affairs could have been greatly influenced by the place where the panel was hung - high on the wall along the ceiling. However, I noticed that very small amounts of dust were also collected on the moss in the pots on the shelf. The conclusion is that everything in the apartment is dusty. Note that you also have to wipe live plants with a cloth from time to time. So when I read that moss is antistatic, I know that it is a myth that was invented for marketing purposes and then repeated by others. However, this does not mean that you should give up moss decorations. To get rid of dust and lint, use a duster once in a while. If the dirt is already clearly visible or has penetrated deeper, it may be useful to use a specially designed, soft toothbrush. Remember to use it very gently and without the use of water or any agents. Also, never try to clean the moss decorations with a vacuum cleaner, even when set to the lowest suction power, as this may cause irreparable damage.

The advantages of a moss

The biggest advantage of moss and other species of moss and stabilized plants is that the decorations made of them are completely maintenance-free. This means they don't need (or even mustn't) be sprinkled with water or watered, and they don't require pruning or access to sunlight. Moss decorations are therefore a very good alternative to live plants for forgetful, overworked and frequent travelers. You can also not worry about plant diseases and parasites. The moss in the pot is not exposed to fungi, mold or aphids. The only reason the moss could start to mold is if you water it with water or keep it in maximum humidity conditions - e.g. in a sauna. Remember that the moss is no longer alive and therefore - it does not grow and does not need water. It is true, however, that the moss is hygroscopic, which means it draws moisture from the air. This is necessary for him to keep its soft spongy structure. Therefore, it is recommended that the air humidity should oscillate around 40-60%, which is the optimum in living quarters also for humans. While it is not a problem in summer, because even on dry and sunny days, the humidity in the apartment does not fall below this threshold, an air humidifier may prove useful during the heating season. However, don't take it as a necessity.

How long will the moss keep looking good?

How long the moss pots will decorate your interior depends largely on you. The most important rule is not to place decorations in direct sunlight, e.g. on a well-lit window sill. All species of moss and stabilized plants are colored during the conservation process. Exposure to sunlight can cause the colors to fade quickly. The second most destructive factor is dry air. If you notice that the moss has become dry or hard to the touch, it means that the air humidity has been significantly lower than the recommended 40% for an extended period of time. If you are not using an air humidifier, bring the decorations to the bathroom for a few days. After absorbing the moisture from the air, the plants should return to equilibrium.

Arrangement options

The rich selection of stabilized plants gives almost unlimited arrangement possibilities. Most of the creators stick to the classic one-color compositions. Apart from that, I try to create new and non-obvious connections, examples of which you can see by clicking here. Moss in a pot is not only green moss. The most interesting compositions combine various species of moss and plants. The colorist can be natural green and evoke fragments of forest litter. It can also refer to the seasonality and different seasons of the year. The boldest thing is to use stronger colors. However, it can give a very interesting effect in modern interiors. If you are not sure which color to choose, please contact me. I am happy to advise you on choosing the perfect moss decorations for your interior.

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