Care tips

Caring for my plants is very simple: just place them away from sunlight. 

Stabilized plants are natural plants that have been preserved in order to keep them in their most beautiful form. After the stabilization process, the plants are no longer alive, and thus they do not grow, do not require watering, light or any care. Following a few simple rules will help keep them at their best for even longer:

✔ protect them against direct sunlight,

✔ do not place sources of heat or blowing air near them, such as a fireplace, radiator or air conditioning outlet,

✔ keep the indoor humidity at a minimum level of 40% (40-60% is usually standard indoors),

✔ do not water or sprinkle them with water.


 No sunlight     No radiators     Don't water     Don't spray

If you notice that the leaves or moss have become drier or coarser to the touch, the humidity in the environment is too low. Place the plants in the bathroom for a few days - when they draw moisture from the air, they should regain balance. However, never spray them with water - it certainly won't help. Water that remains under the moss surface can lead to the formation of mold.

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