Rośliny stabilizowane

What are preserved plants?

Stabilization is a preservation process involving the replacement of natural plant juices with a biodegradable preservative solution. Thanks to this method, plants and flowers retain their flexibility and fresh appearance for many years. After being stabilized, they cease to be alive, so they no longer require watering, access to light or any care.

Plants are stabilized when their appearance is at their most beautiful. The process itself may be different depending on the chosen method, which is tailored to the characteristics of a given plant species. First, the leaves and flowers are selected to select only the most beautiful and intact specimens. They are then dipped in a solution that is a mixture of water, glycerin, and food coloring. The addition of pigment is necessary - without it the leaves darken and turn brown-green, and the flowers lose their color saturation. After a certain time (different for different species), the plants are removed from the solution and dried. The entire process may take from several days to even three weeks. Stabilized plants are ecological and 100% biodegradable. The stabilization process itself is also neutral to the environment.

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